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Art raffle


The great art raffle takes place for all customers of the «Naturama» projects.
Chose your prefered artist or artists from the artist list
and ask him/her for an personal artwork as you wish.
If the artist agrees to work an your commission-offer and if you have talked about the details, you can wire the money to the «Naturama» bank account. Here you find the information you need to do the bank transfer: Contact
Please add your nickname and the name of the artist as subject matter!

As soon as the money will be transmitted, you get a batch number and will be addes onto the art raffle list below.
The batch number will be chronologically generated according to the incoming date of your payment.
If you buy more than one artwork, you will of course get more batch numbers and have got better chances to win!

To the end of the project, at the 30th of December 2021 , the art raffle starts and the prices below will be drawn.
So, visit the «Naturama» website, stay up to date and become one of the lucky winners!
Good Luck!

The Prizes

The tiger-prize

1 printed calendar with photos of animals for 2022!

Sponsored by:
Mutabi and
Wildpark Lüneburger Heide


The wolf-prize

1 pencil artwork in DinA 4 with coloured hightlights!

Sponsored by:


The wildlife park-prize

1 printed cup with your character as a chibi!

Sponsored by:


The pets-prize

1 turtles keychain!

Sponsored by:


The wild bee-prize

1 printed cup with this image and a sweet surprise!

Sponsored by:



Members of the art raffle

Batch nummer: Customer: Commissioned artist:
1 Roukara Freispende/free donation
2 Damian Valerian Freispende/free donation
3 Gerd D. Freispende/ free donation
4 Violette W. Zoopy
5 Roukara BlaideBlack
6 SuziDragonlady Azaako
7 Chloe Q. Zoopy
8 Kyhu Lizkay
9 Andre F. Terralux
10 Simone S. ARCR-CRic
11 Terralux Nightpark
12 Paul L. Psydrache
13 Simone S. ARCR-CRic
14 Brigitte R. Sternengaukler
15 Mutabi VulpinaFlame
16 Pamela R. Sarastallet99
17 Siegmar Katara
18 Siegmar Nievaris
19 Siegmar Boa
20 Randy M. SuziDragonlady
21 Siegmar Schiraki
22 Siegmar reptilianbird
23 Mutabi Candy
24 Siegmar Zelendur
25 Siegmar Chaosthief
26 Coffeefox Mutabi
27 mreebipolar ARCR-CRic
28 Simone S. 2 ARCR-CRic
29 Pamela R. SuziDragonlady
30 Mutabi Zelendur
31 Aegialeus Chaosthief
32 Maron F. BlaideBlack